Experience Center

Everything under one roof

We present the machines from the entire DPC Group in a space of 500 square metres. This gives you the certainty that you can discover the newest machines and the latest innovations. This, in itself, is reason enough to visit the Experience Center. If you need a complete, current overview of our brands, pop in!

You can get to know the following brands in the DPC Experience Center. The floating and on-land machines by Conver and the mowing arms, tools and stump cutters by Herder. In addition, you can discover the Greenbot and the Roberine flail and cylinder mower with optional cabin. In the Experience Center, Votex presents its programme of flail mowers and Precision Makers along with its X-pert package of varied machines. If you want to experience a machine in practice, make an appointment here for a demonstration or test drive.

Dutch Power Company Experience Center Conver Herder Precision Makers Roberine Votex

Dutch Power Company Experience Center introductie Roberine F5

Discover and experience

The Experience Center is designed to evolve into a knowledge hub. For that reason, regular meetings are held with a focus on a particular theme. These include sustainable management of public spaces, precision agriculture, flora and fauna along with technological developments. We also organise courses focusing on increasing employee satisfaction at work.

The aim is that these meetings are not organised solely by DPC companies but also by other organisations. If you would like to provide a presentation on a specific theme, you would be more than welcome. Would you like to find out more about the options involved for holding your own presentation? If so, get in touch.

Maximum focus on you

To help us ensure that we keep as much focus as possible on you, please make an appointment in advance. If you also specify your area of interest, we can ensure that a specialist is on hand to advise you. Call +31 183 447280 or send an email to info@dutchpowercompany.com

Maximum focus on dealers

We understand that as a dealer, you may wish to come along with your client. This means that you don’t have to travel across the country for a special machine. In addition, we ensure that your client has access to space in which you can discuss matters in private. If you have a particular machine in mind, let us know. We can ensure that a specialist is on hand to provide you with further information. If you want to experience a machine in practice, make an appointment here for a demonstration or test drive.

An educational experience

The green sector is one that is important to us all. Without the Conver mowing boats, the risk of flooding increases, without Herder, the roads would become impassable, and without Roberine, it would be impossible to play football as a group on a proper turf.  The green sector is in a constant state of renewal and change. Take Greenbot, for example, the world’s first automatic tractor.

A visit to the DPC Experience Center can be interesting for all educational institutions, including primary schools, high schools, vocational colleges and universities. If you are interested in paying a visit with your pupils or students, make an appointment here. If you would like a tour, please indicate this in your email. We also give you the option of using our presentation room (maximum of 30 people). If you would like to use this, please let us know.

DPC Experience Center

DPC Experience Center